Marc Guldimann

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Marc Guldimann


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Marc Guldimann is the CEO of Parsec, the first marketplace to sell media based on how much time people choose to spend with ads. Previously he was the founding CEO of Spongecell and Enliken. Marc graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Social Decision Sciences and resides in Brooklyn. Follow him on twitter @guldi

All sessions by Matt Guldimann

Continental Breakfast and Registration

08:30 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

by Andy Batkin, CEO, Social Summits

09:30 AM

Keynote Speech

by Mark Howard - CRO- Forbes Media

9:45 AM

Publisher Panel


Coffee and Networking Break

10:45 AM

Agency and Programmatic Roundtable

11:15 AM

Research and Standards Panel

11:45 AM

Lunch and Networking

12:15 PM

Technology Solutions

1:30 PM

Brand Roundtable

2:00 PM

Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break

2:45 PM

The Business Model

3:30 PM

Open Forum and Discussion

4:30 PM

Final Wrap Up

5:00 PM

Cocktails and Networking

5:15 PM
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