Who Should Attend?

The Industry Needs to Fix Their Problems Quickly

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You read about it everyday….Ad Fraud, BOTS, Programmatic and Brand Safety, Viewability, Ad Blocking, lack of transparency, etc., etc. Well, there are many digital advertising executives that believe that buying and selling ads via Time and Attention provides a solution to ALL of those problems!

How, do you ask?

Attend the Conference on
Time and Attention and find out!

Who Should Attend?

  • Brands
  • Brand Managers
  • CMOs
  • Agency Execs
  • Digital Planners
  • Digital Buyers
  • Ad Operations
  • Publishers
  • Rep Firms
  • CTOs
  • Product Executives
  • Strategy Executives
  • Revenue Executives
  • Programmatic Executives
  • Time and Attention Technology Solution Providers
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